Sunnyvale ARES Repeater Group

K6SNY repeater
443.275+ 107.2 PL

Crystal Peak, California

Resources and Links

For official SARES resources, links, announcements, etc., please check first.


Volunteer Hours

Please enter your volunteer hours in the Google form linked above. Volunteer hours may include any of the following: Monday & Tueday night net participation/check-in, training, service, drills (county and city), meetings (including SARES Tuesday lunch meetings), or equipment preparation and maintenance. In general, any efforts that help you become a better prepared emergency response ham.

Frequency lists

Check-in net (Monday night)

Plans / forms / signs

Training Materials

Map for Mike-Mike Reporting

SARES is updating our Mike-Mike reporting methodology from reporting by quadrant to reporting by Sunnyvale Fire District. The latest Sunnyvale Fire District Map for the city should replace any copies of the quadrant map, earlier fire district map or the combined quadrant and fire district map which you may have at your operating position or in your go-bag.


Santa Clara County / Bay Area / Pacific

Services, Status, and Safety