Sunnyvale ARES Repeater Group

K6SNY repeater
443.275+ 107.2 PL

Crystal Peak, California

Resources and Links

For official SARES resources, links, announcements, etc., please check first.

SARES Volunteer Hours

SARES volunteer hours are now reported through the SunnvaleSERV website. SARES members will receive an email monthly from the City of Sunnyvale that contains a link to your personal time reporting page.

The definition of reportable hours also appears on that page.

SARES Net (Mondays at 19:30)

Each Monday at 19:30, SARES meets on the SARES channel 1 repeater, channel 12 repeater, or a simplex tactical channel. Guests and prospective members are welcome.

If you hear nothing at 19:30, please join the SPECS Monday Night Net at 20:00. After the SPECS net, we return to SARES channel 1, typically between 20:10 and 20:20.

General Info

Net Control Info

The net control script, check-in spreadsheet, as well as the channel/frequency rotation chart, were moved to a GitHub repository.

Forms, Frequency Lists, and Plans for your Go Kits

We have separated Sunnyvale-specific documents from the common forms and documents.

Sunnyvale-Specific Documents

Sunnyvale and SARES-specific forms and documents for your Go Kits are now on Github. These documents include frequency lists and emergency plans.

County Documents

Please download the remaining documents, including blank ICS forms, from the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES ("County") website.

Mike-Mike Reporting Procedures

The SARES Mike-Mike reporting methodology is based on Sunnyvale Fire Districts. Use the Fire District where you are located when making your Mike-Mike report. Listen for any additional directions given by the net control operator.

Please download the Fire District Map and tally sheet from Github, through the "Sunnyvale-Specific Documents" section, above.

Outpost Packet Message Manager

ARES Groups in Santa Clara County also use the amateur radio packet BBS (Bulletin Board System) service to exchange messages. Additionally, SARES operates its own BBS.

Software Installation Overview

  1. Download and install the Santa Clara County version of Outpost and PackItForms
  2. Download and install these SARES-specific BBS config files

More Information

SARES Training Meeting Slide Decks

Miscellaneous Info


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